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Colledge of Education for Girls has been established in 2014-2015 according to official order by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up / Studies and Planning (3/33958 on 15/9/2014) according to the university order No. ( ) with three scientific and educational departments (Quran Science, Science of Biology and Kidergarten)

  In first year , 121 students have been enrolled; 41 ,44 and 36 in Quran Science and Islamic education , Biology Science and Kindergarten departments respectively. The number of enrolled students has been increased to 222 students in 2015-2016 study year. Evening study has been established in 2016-2017 study year and 32 students have been enrolled Bsc certificate is given for both studies i.e. morning and evening studies and the first batch has been graduated in 2017-2018 study year. There are six specialized scientific laboratories and anapplied kindergarten in the kindergarten department

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